These stacks are useful and provide user-friendliness to your web pages.

SEO Keywords, Links & On-Page Report Stack

Help search engines love your web pages more!


RapidWeaver Stack that makes great-looking tooltips for all kinds of devices.

Hidden Menu

Easily add new menus and content into hidden panels that slide into the page.

Table Pro

Powerful Responsive Tables that are easy to create, edit and change. Supports CSV files as well.

Fullpage Scrolling Stack

Create stunning Full Page Scrolling web pages in minutes.

Scroll Reveal

Got great content on your page but perhaps it's lacking a bit of shine? Scroll Reveal lets you spiff up your page by adding an fade-in animation when your visitors scroll down your web page.

Morph Stacks

Pack More Content Add more without messing up your page.

Load Faster

Load your web site faster with this stack. Give your web visitors a snappier experience.


Now you can make sure that important stuff is "stickied" on the page. Visible always, even when the web page is scrolled down.


Standardize, or specify the height of your stacks and make your web pages neater. When the content is longer than the height you specified, a nice scrollbar will be displayed.

Truncate and Expand

Make your stacks truncate and expand. Hide long content until the reader clicks on it. Easy to use.

Easy Scroller

Easy Scroller places a scroll button inside your web page so that your site visitors can quickly navigate to the top, bottom or any point of your web page. Choose from 361 icons!


Easily create good-looking stacks for your content. By adding your content into the Sassy Stack, you can: add a background image for the content by drag and drop, easily add rounded corners, allow for an animation effect as the content appears on the page and more.

Menu Stacks

Usually, the easiest way to get a dropdown/vertical menu is if your RapidWeaver template comes with one. But now there is an alternative. Menu Stacks provide Dropdown and Vertical menus that you can place on your page, whether or not your theme comes with one.

Label Stacks

Attention-grabbing labels are a great way to highlight important content on the page. And equally important, the labels must look good as well. The Label Stacks are the answer.

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