Setting titles for DragZone

How do I set the title for a box?

There are 2 ways of doing this:

Method 1

For DragZone version 1.2.0 and above, you should have another stack called DragZone Content.

DragZone Content provides a wrapper around your other contents, and is there for one reason only: to provide you with a Title.

You can enter the stack Title using the Stack Options area.

Just drag DragZone Content into DragZone, and drag a desired stack into DragZone Content.

Click on DragZone Content, then set up the title inside DragZone Content’s options. 1

Method 2

If you are not using DragZone Content stack, after dragging in your content stack, you can set the title by adding this on the first line of the stack (if it supports adding your own text):

[title]My Title[/title]

This is the text of the box...

If it’s just going to be an image in the box, then set an alt for the image by double-clicking on the image and adding the title in the “Alt” field.

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