Table Pro - Powerful Responsive Table

Easily add, delete and import data into a responsive table.

Creating a table is easy, but changing the contents of the table (eg adding or removing items) is often difficult for tables.

With Table Pro, you can click on a button to add a new row or field, or drag and drop to rearrange existing rows.

Got a CSV file to use for the table? Just point Table Pro to it and it'll do the rest.

You can use it to display text as well as images.

If there are more fields that can be shown on a mobile device, the extra fields can be shown by swiping on the screen, or you can set the table to display the fields via a toggle.


The Table Pro looks good on any computers and mobile devices.

3 Ways To Show On Mobile Devices


  • - Directly add/remove/rearrange rows into the table.
  • - Import data directly from a CSV file into the table.
  • - Responsive: on mobile devices, choose between 3 ways of displaying data:
    • -Swipe the screen to see more fields.
    • - Use can toggle between which fields to display.
    • - Display each row in a list mode.
  • - Sorting of columns.
  • - Supports the display of a minimap.
  • - Customizable colors which include alternating colors for odd and even rows.


  • Stacks 3 and 4.
  • Rapidweaver 6, 7 or 8.


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