Social Pop - Impossible to Ignore Facebook And Twitter Buttons

Perhaps the best way to generate traffic for your web site is to get your users to promote it (for free) for you. When a user shares your page on Facebook or Twitter, people they are connected with can then learn of your web site, if they don't already know of it.

With Social Pop, you can easily display a Facebook Follow, Like and Share button, Facebook Page widget and a Twitter Follow button on your page that is impossible to miss.

As the user scrolls down the web page, Social Pop pops up on the bottom right of the page and immediately grabs attention. This can also be set to happen as soon as the page loads.

In addition to the Facebook and Twitter buttons, you can also place other content or call to action (like perhaps a signup form) in Social Pop. Then Social Pop will do its job of catching the eye of the viewers.

On the bottom right of this page, you will see Social Pop in action. Just scroll to the bottom of this page.


  • - Impossible to miss.
  • - Displays when user scrolls down the page, and optionally hides when the page is scrolled up.
  • - Or you can set it to show as soon as the page loads.
  • - Displays a Facebook Like, Share, Follow button, or a Facebook Page widget.
  • - Displays a Twitter Follow button.
  • - You can add a short piece of content as well, such as a signup form.
  • - Easily change the background color to make Social Pop stand out even more.
  • - You can choose to hide the Close button.

  • Rapidweaver 5 or 6.
  • Stacks 3.

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