SEO Keywords, Links & On-Page Report Stack

Are You Optimizing Your Pages Correctly For Search Engines?

The SEO Keywords, Links and On-Page Report is a set of stacks that uses a number of ways to check if your web pages are optimized for search engines or not. In addition to the On-Page Report, which looks for various SEO indicators on the page, the Keywords and Links stack tells you what keywords or phrases there are on your web pages so you can optimize for search phrases. It also checks for broken external links.

Are Your Web Pages Optimized For Search Keywords/Terms?

Are you optimizing your page correctly for your targeted search phrases? With the Keywords report, you can easily see which keywords or phrases your web pages have, and the frequency at which they occur. With this, you can optimize your pages for specific keywords and phrases.

Links Power

One of the best things you can do in SEO is to interlink your various web pages so that search engines know where to crawl next.

When you add links to various other web pages on a web page, on top of letting the search bots know where to go next, it also signals to them that these other web pages are worth looking at, and that they can be important. Furthermore, it helps human visitors know which other pages might be of interest to them.

The Stack can:

  • - Set all outbound links to nofollow automatically.
  • - Check external links for breakages.
  • - Easily add a set of links to each page (e.g. a "Related Links" section). This helps visitors as well as search bots by showing them what other pages to visit next, which is great for SEO.

Do You Want To Rank Your Pages?

If you want your pages to rank higher on search engines, you have to start with on-page SEO. This set of stacks comprises an important part of your SEO strategy.

SEO Meta Tags

You can easily add meta tags to improve your web pages' SEO.

These are:

  • 1) Structured Data - This helps Google to discover what kind of business/organization your web site is about, and lets you inform Google about your other web properties (eg social media sites, YouTube channel) that are connected to your web site. You can also use this to tell Google about any opening hours for your business, if applicable.
  • 2) Facebook/Open Graph Tag.
  • 3) Geotag.

Reports Do Not Affect Your Published Page

You'd think that the On-page reports and checks would make the published web page slower, but nope! The reports and checks only exist in RapidWeaver's Preview mode, so your published web pages are not impacted at all.


  • Stacks 3 and 4.
  • Rapidweaver 6, 7 or 8.

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