Scroll Reveal

Got great content on your page but perhaps it's lacking a bit of shine?

Scroll Reveal lets you spiff up your page by adding an fade-in animation when your visitors scroll down your web page.

As the page is scrolled down, content will fade in, section by section.

This effect gives the web page a very modern look and feel.

1) To use, just drag the Scroll Reveal Wrapper stack to the top of the page, once.

2) Then, for every piece of content that you want Scroll Reveal to animate (fade-in) when the page is scrolled, add a Scroll Reveal Content stack onto the page, and add your stack into the Scroll Reveal Content stack. For the best effects, don't add too many stacks inside one Scroll Reveal Content. I prefer to use one Scroll Reveal Content stack for one piece of content.

Reset: if set to Yes, then content which have already been shown and then scrolled off, will be faded out.

Move In From: this is a very subtle animation effect and controls how content is faded-into the page.

Duration: this controls how fast the animation runs, in seconds.


  • - RapidWeaver 5 or 6
  • - Stacks 2 & 3


  • - On mobile devices, due to the way their web browsers handle scroll events, the contents are shown without the animation.
  • - Not suitable for use with other types of javascript effects, for example javascript-based image galleries. Normal web pages are fine.

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