Easily Create Good-looking Stacks To Contain Your Web Content

By adding your content into the Sassy Stack, you can:

  • Add a background image for the content by drag and drop * easily add rounded corners
  • Choose what borders to add, and what color they should be
  • Add a shadow, and tweak it
  • Allow for an animation effect as the content appears on the page. Comes with 7 effects.

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Sassy Stack Icon
When the page loads, this stack has a different effect from the above. If you missed the effects, just refresh this page.

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Using Sassy is pretty easy, and intuitive. There is one thing that you need to take note of, if you want to use a shadow for the Sassy Stack.
In the Layout section, slide the padding value all the way to the right. If you only want a small shadow, then you can adjust this padding value accordingly.

Sassy Options

Stacks Image 104
Stacks Image 93
Sassy Content Padding: This section controls the amount of space between the edge of the Sassy Stack and its contents.

Sassy Borders: Here, you can customize how the borders of Sassy stack look. If you don’t want to show a border, just set the thickness to 0. If you do that, it will look nicer with a shadow.

Sassy Corners: You can tweak these values in order to achieve how round the corners should be. This is not supported by IE 7 and below.

Sassy Shadow: With this, you can control whether or not a shadow is seen under your Sassy Stack. A negative horizontal value casts the shadow to the left, while otherwise the shadow is to the right. A negative vertical value casts the shadow upwards, otherwise the shadow is cast downwards. You can also control what the shadow’s color is, as well as how blur it looks.

Sassy Background: You can either use to use a solid color for background (defaults to white), or use an image.
If you want to use a background image, just drag and drop and image to the blank space beside “Use Image”. You can also choose to have the background image repeated horizontally, vertically, or not repeated at all.

Sassy Effects: There are a total of 7 effects you can choose for. These effects will be shown when the page loads, and will last approximately for the duration you set in the Effect Duration field.

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