Responsive Slideshow

Create Slideshows that adapt to different devices

The problem with usual slideshows is that they are made to look good only on normal computers and laptops.

The Responsive Slideshow handles this problem by resizing itself and its contents to fit the devices being used to view it, eg smart phones, tablets, computers.

With lots of options, yet working right out of the box, the Responsive Slideshow offers a lot of options for the power user and caters to folks who just want it to work without any fuss.

To see how the slideshow reacts to different device sizes, please resize your web browser to simulate different sizes
  • Responsive and easy to use.
  • Use default options for fast deployment, or use the extensive customization options.
  • Displays a pager to indicate which slide we're on, or remove the pager if you want.
  • Displays a Play/Pause control, or hide it.
  • Rapidweaver 5, 6 or 7.
  • Stacks 2 & 3.

The Options

  • Auto Start - Check this to make the slideshow play by default.
  • Show Captions - If you have images, you can display captions for the images by checking this. Then double click on each image and edit the Alt field for that image.
  • Adaptive Height - It's best if your slides all have the same height. But if not, click this and Responsive Slideshow will try to adjust its height to each individual slide.
  • 1-1 Touch - Non-fade slides follow the finger as it swipes.
  • Hover Pause - The slideshow will pause when mouse hovers over slider.
  • Transition Delay - How long before transition to the next slide (in ms).
  • Transition Speed - Duration of the transition animation (in ms).
  • Transition Effect - Type of transition animation between slides.
  • Width - Width of the slideshow.
  • Left Padding, Right Padding, Top Padding, Bottom Padding - Controls the amount of padding around each slide.
  • Border Color, Border Thickness, Border Radius - Controls the slideshow's border color, border thickness as well as the roundness of the corners.
  • BG Color - The background color of the slideshow. This will show up when you have set padding values.
  • Use Pager - Check this to show the pager indicators.
  • Pager Type - Choose Full to show the dotted pager, or Short to show the x / y format type of pager.
  • Separator - This is used only for the Short pager.
  • Pager BG, Pager Active BG - The colors of the Full pager indicator icons.
  • Show Controls - Check this to show the Previous and Next slideshow controls.
  • Auto Controls - Check this to show the Play and Pause slideshow controls.
  • Prev Image, Next Image, Start Image, Stop Image - If you want to use your own custom images for the navigational and play/pause controls, add the URL of the images here.

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