A Growl-like Way To Get Your Visitors’ Attention

The Notifications Stack lets your bring your message(s) across to your site visitors with style.

As Mac users, we’ve come across Growl notifications on the Mac. These notifications get our attention but at the same time, look good and are not intrusive.

Now you can do the same for your web pages.

Notifications can be shown automatically when the web page loads (refresh this page to see) or triggered manually:
  • - Can display on page load, or linked to a click on a page element.
  • - You can change the background color; all notifications on the same page will then have the same color. This is enable you to match the Notifications with your site's appearance.
  • - The background has a translucent gradient on supported browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox. IE displays a solid color background).
  • - Can be set to sticky so the notification stays on the screen until the user closes it.
  • - Or you can set a timeout value so the notification automatically disappears when the timeout value is reached.
  • - Ability to change the position of the Notification on a per page basis.
- Rapidweaver 5, 6 or 7
- Stacks 2 & 3
- Internet Explorer versions 7 and below are not supported (latest version of Internet Explorer is now 9)
Stacks Image 63
Did you read this when the page loaded? Did I get your attention?

I will auto-close myself after a few seconds.
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Keep clicking if you want to see this again.

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