Load Your Web Pages Faster

Images are usually the main reason your web pages are not loading as fast as they should.

By default, when a web page is loaded, all the images on the page are loaded at the same time. This is irregardless of whether the page visitor actually views the images. As a result, the entire web page loads slower. The page visitor has to wait for the page to finish loading.

But what if the images are loaded only when the visitor views the images? As the visitor scrolls down your web page, the images that should appear will then get loaded.

This means that images are loaded on demand (as compared to loading all of them on page load), and more importantly, your web pages will then load much faster when visitors visit them.

This results in a snappier browsing experience on your web site.

The Load Faster Stack is recommended for use inside standard web pages with images (example here), but not with web pages that utilize javascript to generate images or to create image galleries, as they may interfere with each other's functionality.

This stack is super easy to use. Just drag it to the top of your page, and it will automatically handle the on-demand loading of images for you.

Requires RapidWeaver and Stacks version 2 or 3.

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