The Image Slider stack lets you pack your images into a strip and displays them one at a time beautifully.

Thumbnails By The Side

The thumbnails can appear as a single column, or in a grid of 2 or more columns, on the left or right side. In addition, you can press a button to hide or show the thumbnail panel.

You can display non-active thumbnails in color, black & white or sepia.


The slider can be set to slideshow mode, where images are shown one by one at an interval that you set. Users can also scroll through the images manually.

Fullscreen Mode

The slider can be shown fullscreen at the click of a button.

Drag and Drop Images

Drag and drop your images into the stack and it'll automatically turn them into a slider.

Supports Warehoused Images

Just give it a CSV file containing the location of your images, and it'll load them automatically. It's that easy.


Works on computers as well as on mobile devices.

Some Screenshots


  • Stacks 3 and 4.
  • Rapidweaver 6, 7 or 8.

The Options

Image Slider works well out of the box without requiring you to fiddle with the options. But for those who want to do some customization, there're plenty of options available to make it easy do so.

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