Image Gallery - Beautiful Gallery Stack For RapidWeaver

Responsive, Drag & Drop Image Gallery

Get your image gallery up in minutes.

Image Gallery arranges your images neatly into rows and columns of thumbnails that are of the same size. When a thumbnail is clicked, that image is then displayed in a lightbox, which can also serve as a slideshow.

Simple To Use

Just drag and drop your images into the Image Gallery stack and it'll do the rest.

Discourages Image Theft

Optionally prevents the mouse from right-clicking on the images in the gallery. This makes it harder for users to download your images onto your computer.

Image Warehouse Support

This feature has been added recently. For some users, their images are stored in an image warehousing service (so the images are not stored on their own server). Support has been added to Image Gallery to easily use such images.

You can add your warehoused images via:

  • - A CSV file
  • - A tab-separated text file
  • - Adding the warehoused images manually

For better versatility, you can even combine your warehoused images with self-hosted images within the same gallery.

All thumbnails have the same size so they look neat. You can click on any thumbnail to see a bigger version of the image, and then click the Play button to see the slideshow.
  • Responsive and easy to use.
  • For neatness, thumbnails are all shown in the same dimensions. Doesn't matter if images are portrait or landscape-oriented. You can customize the dimensions.
  • Use default options for fast deployment, or use the extensive customization options.
  • Although a full prevention of the downloading of the gallery images is impossible, you can make it harder for casual users to download your images by disabling the mouse right-click on your gallery images.
  • Supports warehoused images. You can use self-hosted images, warehoused images, or combine them in the same gallery.
  • Fullscreen mode available.
  • Displays a pager to indicate which slide we're on, or remove the pager if you want.
  • Comes with a Play button to activate slideshow mode.
  • Stacks 3 and 4.
  • Rapidweaver 6, 7 or 8.

Image Warehouse Support

If you want to use warehoused images, you can choose to upload CSV or TXT files containing the URLs of the images as well as their captions.

File Format

For a CSV file, the format of each line of the file should be:

URL_of_image, Caption

For a text file, the fields are separated by a tab. The format of each line of the file should be:

URL_of_image       Caption

You can also click the "+" button at the bottom of the Image Gallery stack to add a new image or a warehoused image.

How To Use

1. Drag the CSV/tab-separated text file to the RapidWeaver project's Resources area.

2. In Image Gallery's options area, set "Use File" to "Yes", then click on the "Set Link" button.

3. A popup window will be displayed. Choose "Resource" in the dropdown, and then choose the name of the file.

4. Click "Set Link".


  • Allow Fullscreen - When clicked, show the image in full-screen mode. If this is not checked, the image is shown in a lightbox.
  • Gallery Width - How wide should the gallery be?
  • Title Opacity - What's the opacity of the title? To quickly disable titles, set this to 0.
  • Title Color - You can set the color of the title here.


  • Width - How wide should each thumbnail be?
  • Height - How tall should each thumbnail be?
  • Border - If you want a border around each thumbnail, set the color here.
  • Border Thickness - How thick should the border for each thumbnail be?
  • Left Margin - Controls the left margin space for each thumbnail.
  • Right Margin - Controls the right margin space for each thumbnail.
  • Top Margin - Controls the top margin space for each thumbnail.
  • Bottom Margin - Controls the bottom margin space for each thumbnail.


  • Auto Play - Check this to make the slideshow play by default when an image is clicked.
  • Loop - When playing, should the slideshow stop at the end of the series of images, or loop to the beginning?
  • Interval - This determines how long each image will be shown before the slideshow displays the next slide.
  • Demo Mode - To see quickly how the Image Gallery looks on your theme without using your own images, you can check this option. Remember to uncheck this before publishing your page.
  • Show controls by default - Show the controls by default, instead of waiting for the user to press Enter or click on the image first.
  • Prev/Next/Close text - If you want to use another symbol for the Prev/Next/Close text, you can enter it here.
  • Prev/Next/Close/Play/Pause class - Advanced: if you want to customize the Prev/Next/Close buttons, you can use your own CSS, and then place the class name of the CSS here.

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