Image Carousel

Use this for your photos or product images

The Image Carousel stack lets you quickly generate a nice row of images that can automatically scroll itself, or manually cycled.

When an image is clicked, one of a few things can happen:

  • - The user can be brought immediately to another page.
  • - A Lightbox will popup, showing an enlarged version of the image.
  • - An overlay can appear, where the user can choose to see an enlarged version of the image in a Lightbox, or he can choose to click through to be brought to another page.

Computers and Mobile Devices

Besides looking good on computers, Image Carousel resizes its entire width to fit into mobile devices too. To scroll through the images, just swipe.

Deploy Immediately

Image Carousel is so easy to use, you can just add images and Publish, and it'll work right out of the box.

Powerfully Customizable

For power users, Image Carousel comes with many, many options that you can tweak to fully customize how it looks or functions.

Color, Black & White or Sepia

With just an option setting, you can change the entire carousel to display in color, black & white, or sepia automatically.

Titles & Descriptions

Titles and descriptions can optionally be shown for each image.

The Options

Image Carousel is easy to use and looks good out of the box. But if you want to tweak it, it comes with plenty of options:


  • Stacks 3 and 4.
  • Rapidweaver 6, 7 or 8.

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