Hidden Menus That Slide In On Demand

Hides and shows normal content too.

Now you can easily add new menus and content into hidden panels that slide into the page.

The hidden panels slide in from either the left or the right, and you can have muliple hidden panels on a page.

Create Menus Easily

Generating a menu is really simple. Just click the Add button, and enter the menu link. Menus can have 2 levels.

Other Content

The Hidden Menu stack isn't just for menus. You can also put content inside there.

Hidden Menu looks good on computers and mobile devices. You can adjust the width of the slideout panels in order to fit your menu.


  • Stacks 3
  • Rapidweaver 6, 7 or 8.

What You Get

Hidden Menu comes with a few stacks, which includes a Menu Button stack, a Generic Content stack for non-menu stuff you want to keep inside the panels, as well as stacks for generating menus easily.

These stacks get installed automatically when you install the Hidden Menu stack.

Menu Button stack
Adding a Generic Content or a Menu to the panel
Adding Menu Items

How To Trigger A Hidden Menu

The Hidden Menu stack comes with a Menu Button stack that looks good and is easy to use. However you can also trigger a Hidden Menu using a standard HTML link.

The Options

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