How To Use the Image Roundabout Stack

Installing the stack

Before you can use the Image Roundabout Stack, you have to unzip the file you’ve downloaded. You will get a folder called Image Roundabout.stack.

Double-click it and Stacks should launch to install it.

How to use the stack


In a Stacks page, click on the Elements Library icon. Scroll down until you see Image Roundabout.

Drag the Image Roundabout icon onto the Stack page, and then drag images into the Image Roundabout stack. These are just standard Image stacks and you can adjust them just like you will adjust a normal Image stack.

Configuring Image Roundabout

Name - Please ensure that you have a unique non-space name entered here. This is especially important if you have more than 1 Image Roundabout Stack on the same page.

Tilt - By adjusting the slide, you can configure how much tilt your Image Roundabout Stack has.

Animation Time - This controls the speed at which the animation shows, in milliseconds.

Autoplay Interval - If you have this set to anything other than 0, Image Roundabout will auto-rotate after approximately this time interval has passed. In milliseconds.

Container Height - This affects how tall the entire Image Roundabout Stack will be. You may want to adjust this in concert with the Image Height option.

Image Height and Image Width - These slides affect the height and width of the forefront image.

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