DragZone Options

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Name – this is the ID given to the entire DragZone container, and should be a unique name.

Default Title – the default title that is given when you don’t specific a title.

Title Alignment – this controls whether the titles are aligned to the left, center or right.

Standard Theme – DragZone can use the following themes out-of-the-box:

  • smoothness
  • ui-lightness
  • ui-darkness
  • start
  • redmond
  • sunny
  • overcast
  • le-frog
  • pepper-grinder
  • flick
  • dark-hive
  • eggplant
  • cupertino
  • south-street
  • humanity
  • blitzer
  • excite-bike
  • hot-sneaks
  • vader
  • black-tie
  • mint-choc
  • trontastic
  • swanky-purse

You can have a look at the themes at this page.

Custom Theme – if you want to roll your own themes out. See this page.

No. of Columns – this adjusts how many columns you want to show using DragZone. I highly suggest that you adjust this at the beginning of using DragZone on a page.

Remember Positions – allow DragZone to remember the positions of the boxes placed by the users.

Cookie Duration – DragZone uses cookie to remember the positions of the boxes. This determines the cookie duration, in days.

Selectable Text – if this is ticked, the text in the boxes, below the titles, will be selectable with the mouse. This means only the title can be used to drag the boxes around.

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